Recommended Reading

Recommended Reading
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J.C Ryle - Expository T`houghts on the Gospels 

John  Macarthiur - John 2 Vols.  

D.A. Carson - Pillar New Testament Commentary  

Adreas Kostenberger- Baker Exegetical Commentary 

Gerald Borchert - New American Commentary 

A. W. Pink - Exposition of the Gospel of John 

John Heading - What the Bible Teaches/ John 

H.A. Ironside- John 

G. Campbell Morgan- The Gospel According to John 

W.E. Vine - !ohn 

R.V.G. Tasker - The Gosple According to St. John 

R.C. Sproul - St. Andrews Expostional Commentary

Frederic Godet - Commentary on John's Gospel 

John Phillips - Exploring/ The Gospel of John 

Bruce Milne - The Bible Speaks Today - John 

Matther Henry - Expositon of John

Matthew Poole - John

George Beasley Murray - Word Biblical Commentary 

William Hendreikson - New Testament Commentary 

Merrill Tenney - Expositors Bible Commentary 

J.Vernon Mcgee - Thru the Bible 

Warren Wiersbe - The Bible Exposition Commentary- N.T. 

Albert Barnes - Barnes Notes / John 

John Calvin - Calvins Commentaries/ John 

 By: Various Authors
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George Whitefield-  Author/ Arnold Dalimore (2 Vols.)

David Brainard- Author/ Jonathan Edwards

Jonathan Edwards- A Life/ George Marsden

D. Martyn Lloyd Jones- Author/ Ian Murray (2 Vols.)

A.W. Tozer- Author/ Lyle Dorsett

Manley Beasley- Author/ Ron Owens

Hudson Taylor -Authors/ Dr. and Mrs. Howard Taylor

Stephen Olford- Author/ John Phillips

Oswald Chambers- Author/ David McCasland

Charles Spurgeon- Authoir/ Autobiography 

Charles Spurgeon/ Arnold Dallimore 

Jim Elliot- Authore/ Elizabeth Elliot 

Alexander Maclaren- Author/ Maclaren 

James Petigru Boyce- Author/ Tom Nettles

George Mulller- Author/ 

Adrian Rogers- Author/ Joyce Rogers

J. Sidlow Baxter- Author/ E. A. Johnson

George Muller- Author/ Arthur T. Pierson

Theologians of The Baptist Tradition- Authors/ Various

Lottie Moon- Author/ Cathy Butler

Leonard Ravenhill - Author/ Mack Thomlinson 

John Macarthur- Author/ Ian Murray 

A.W. Pink- Author/ Ian Murray

Meet the Puritans- Author/ Joel Beeke

Heroes of the Faith- Authors/ Various-Paperbacks

 By: Various Authors
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*J.A. Seiss- The Apocalypse

*Robert Thomas- Revelation (2 Vols.)

*John Macarthur- Revelation (2 Vols.)

*John Walvoord - The Revelation of Jesus Christ

*W.A. Criswell- Expository Sermons on Revelation

Donald Grey Barnhouse- Revelation

Walter Scott- Exposition of the Revelation of Jesus Christ

Isbon Beckwith- The Apocalyose of John

John Phillips- Exploring Revelation

Robert Mounce- NICNT Revelation

William Hendriksen- More Than Conquerors

H.A. Ironside- Revelation

Henry Barclay Swete- Revelation

G.B. Caird- The Revelation of St. John the Divine

John R. Rice- Behold He Cometh

William Newell- Revelation

Warren Wiersbe-BEC/ Revelation

Ray Summers- Worthy is the Lamb

Charles Ryrie- Revelation

George Beasley Murray- Revelation

M.R. Dehaan- Revelation

Albert Barnes- Revelation

Graham Scroggie- The Book of Revelation

Michael Wilcox- BST Revelation

James Allen- WTBT Revelation

Alan Johnson- EBC Revelation

Matthew Henry- Revelation

William Barclay- Revelation (Somewhat Liberal)

J. Vernon McGee- Revelation

* Denotes Highest Recommendation 

 By: Various Authors
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Oswald Chambers- My Utmost For His Highest

Arthur Bennett- The Valley of Vision (Various Authors)

Vance Havner- All The Days

Charles Spurgeon- Morning and Evening

Steve Gaines- Morning Manna

Hymnbooks- Various hymnbooks make wonderful devotionals


 By: Various Authors
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John Macarthur- Macarthurs New Testament Commentary Series

John Phillipps- Exploring/ An Expositonal Commentary Series- Some O.T. also

Hendriksen and Kistemaker-
New Testament Commentary Series

John R. Stott- The Bible Speaks Today (IVP, Various Authors)


 By: Various Authors
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Warren Wiersbe-The Bible Exposition Commentary Series

Barnes Notes- New and Old Testament Commentary Series

Frank Gaebelein- The Expositors Bible Commentary Series

John Ritchie- What The Bible Teaches Commentary Series

Matthew Henry- New and Old Testament Commentary Series

Mattew Poole- Commentary on the Holy Bible

Alexander Maclaren- Expositions of Holy Scripture

J. Vernon McGee- Thru the Bible Commentary Series

Robertson Nicoll- The Expositors Bible (Various Authors)

Robertson Nicoll- The Greek New Testament

 By: Various Authors
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Keil and Delitzsch- Old Testament Commentary Series

D.J. Wiseman- Tyndale Old Testament Commentary Series (Various Authors)


 By: Various Authors
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Charles Spurgeon

A.W. Pink

Jonathan Edwards

G. Campbell Morgan

D. Martyn Lloyd Jones

Vance Havner

Jay Adams

John Piper

Donald Grey Barnhouse

John Macarthur

Graham Scroggie

Alexander Maclaren

H.A. Ironside

James Montgomery Boice

The Puritans

John Calvin

Steven Lawson

Stephen Olford

David Jeremiah


Thayer's Greek-English Lexicon of the New Testament
 By: Joseph Thayer
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Systematic Theology
 By: Various Authors
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Robert Culver -Systemtic Theology

Wayne Grudem -Systematic Theology

Charles Hodge - Systematic Theology

J.L. Dagg - Manuel of Theology

James P. Boyce -Systematic Theology

Millard Erickson- Systematic Theology

Louis Berkoff- Systematic Theology

Swindoll and Zuck- Understanding Christian Theology 

Robert L. Reymond- A New Systematic Theology

John Calvin- Institutes of the Christian Religion

 By: Various Authors
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G. Kittel & G. Friedrich- Theological Dictionary of the New Testament

Marvin R. Vincent- Word Studies of the New Testament

Kenneth Wuest- Word Studies in the Greek New Testament

A.T. Robertson- Word Pictures in the New Testament

Spiro Zodhiates- The Complete Word Study Dictionary, New Testament

Spiro Zodhiates- The Complete Word Study Dictionary. Old Testament

W.E. Vine- Vines Dictionary of Expository Words

Thayers- Greek-English Lexicon of the New Testament

Jay P. Green- The Interlinear Bible Series